2001 Top 20 Under 40 Award Winner Northeast PA Business Journal
WHAT CLIENTS SAY: I would like you to know how much I have enjoyed working with you on these projects. The ads are terrific. Heads above almost all other ads in the magazines we advertise in. The mailings went off without a hitch, which I really appreciated. And the response we got was outstanding!
— Julie Lapacka, Director of Business Development, Cornell Storefront Systems

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Creativity runs in the blood and got off to an early start with me. Starting with a full-page newspaper spread on my artwork...age 5. Laying out local newspaper and TV Host magazine spreads in my teens. Winning the high school art award at graduation. Getting really sick the first day of my first real design job. Which obviously didn't last long, so I moved onto...

Designing fleet, retail and racing gear for the only 7-time World Champion NHRA drag racer, Joe Amato. Becoming Vice President and Art Director of Rademan Advertising at 26. Freelancing, for years. Then full-time with Amazing Spaces by 29.

It's been quite a ride and the range of work has definitely kept life interesting, not to mention me on my toes! Some of the most notable points along the way...